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Ginger Signature

Moc Thanh’s philosophy follows the spirit of nature which appreciates collaborative living between humans and ecological surrounding, then enjoying food and other presents from the land, the soil, the water and the plants. All tea plantations of Moc Thanh are natural farming with minimized human manipulation and without any chemical fertilizer or pesticide, thus, provide the best fresh raw buds and leaves for tea production, resulting in high quality and absolutely healthy products.

From the natural farming raw tea buds and leaves, the biggest desire and the ultimate goal of Moc Thanh is creating and producing the premium tea products with highest quality as possible. All Moc Thanh’s 10 products are completely hand-made by a skillful artisan – the founder of Moc Thanh. Those kinds of tea are not only finest and healthiest products for consumers but also signature gifts of indigenous Vietnamese tea sending to global tea lovers.

All Moc Thanh products are organic teas, hand-made of raw tea leaves of indigenous, purebred cultivars of Vietnamese Camellia Sinensis, including Tổng Tần cultivar and Shan (Tà Xùa) cultivar.

  • Tổng Tần is an indigenous tea cultivar, originally from Đại Từ district, Thái Nguyên province, Vietnam. Many tea trees (hundreds of years old) have been discovered in the wild regional jungles. It is a big leaf cultivar with almost no hair (possibly a kind of camellia sinensis var asamica).
  • Tà Xùa Shan (Shan tuyết / snow Shan) is one among indigenous Shan cultivars of Vietnam which grow on high mountains (upper 1000m altitude) in remote regions in Northwest parts of Vietnam. There are many thousands of ancient tea trees with age-range 100-500 years old.
  • Moc Thanh tea plantations in Đại Từ, Thái Nguyên commonly consist of 40 years old tea bushes of Tong Tan cultivar. They are cultivated following natural farming methods developed by Mansanobu Fukuoka (a Japanese farmer and philosopher). Therefore, Moc Thanh tea products are absolutely organic without any chemical in harvest, production and storage.

1. Xuân Đán (The Spring)

Xuân Đán (The Spring) is a green tea made of high-quality buds of 40 years old tea bushed in Moc Thanh tea gardens.

Xuân Đán is characterized by well-known flavors of Thai Nguyen tea those are fruity sweetness and attractive aromas of boiled sticky corn (maize) and Cốm(1). The tea has a freshness, light yellow green color with medium body, slightly creamy taste, a little bit of bitterness and astringency. The Spring is clean, fruity with a long finish. All characters make Xuân Đán a high quality and distinguished green tea for Thai Nguyen tea lovers. Xuân Đán is commonly of pre-Ching Ming (or Qing Ming / Tomb Sweeping day) tea, i.e. the earliest Spring tea first plucked before 5th April, which period gives the finest quality of green tea in a year.

Không có mô tả ảnh.
Xuân Đán (The Spring) tea

Cốm, or green rice, is a dish in Vietnamese cuisine. It is not dyed but is immature (young) glutinous rice seeds roasted over low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened, then rice husk is separated. The taste is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. Cốm is seasonal dish associated with autumn. Cốm can be used to make other dishes, e.g. Bánh Cốm (green rice cake) and Chè Cốm (a sweet soup).

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: món ăn và trong nhà
Drink Xuân Đán (The Spring) and eat Cốm (maize)

2. Hương Nhài (Jasmine tea)

Hương Nhài is made of Xuân Đán (The Spring), scented with fresh jasmine. The product carries the main characteristics of The Spring those are freshness, Cốm fragrance, light yellow green, then adding jasmine flavor, resulting Hương Nhài an aromatic and sweet tea for jasmine lovers.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: hoa, thực vật và thiên nhiên
A step of scenting green tea with jasmine flavor

3. Hương Sen (Lotus Signature)

Hương Sen is made of Xuân Đán (The Spring), scented with lotus flower. The product carries the main characteristics of The Spring those are freshness, Cốm fragrance, light yellow green, then adding elegant lotus flavor, making Hương Sen a delicate and sweet tea for lotus lovers.

Không có mô tả ảnh.
A step of scenting green tea with lotus flavor
Trong hình ảnh có thể có: bàn
A Lotus Signature preparation

4. Hương Bưởi (Pomelo Signature)

Hương Bưởi is made of Shan green tea of Tà Xùa, scented with pomelo (grapefruit) fresh flower. The product inherits the main profile of Shan tea those are aromas of wood, forest, hay, light yellow color, deep sweetness and clear mineral taste, then adding strong and fresh fragrance of pomelo flower perfume. Hương Bưởi is a special tea that can satisfy even fastidious customers.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: một hoặc nhiều người và mọi người đang ngồi
Separating pomelo flower from the tea after complete scenting step

5. Hương Sói (Lotus Rice Signature)

Hương Sói is made of Xuân Đán (The Spring), scented with Chloranthus spicatus flower (named Hoa Sói in Vietnamese). The product carries the profile of The Spring those are freshness, light Cốm fragrance, light yellow green, medium body. Then it adds elegant lotus perfume, jasmine rice flavor and clear creamy taste. Unlikely other scented tea, Hương Sói can be stored in room condition for few months without losing its fantastic flavor.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: món ăn
Scenting tea with Chloranthus spicatus flower

6. Moc Thanh (Bancha)

Mộc Thanh is a unique and distinguished product among all kinds of tea in the market. It is made of completely over-mature green tea leaves, then cleaned, steamed and dried. The tea has a very light-yellow green with fresh and green taste. Sweetness of fruit and a vague astringency are noticed in mouth and tongue without any bitter. Drinkers may find a very light note of Cốm aroma. Moc Thanh is the first product of the Moc Thanh producer. It is easy to brew and drink with comforts and quenching feeling. Low caffeine and nearly zero-tannin make Moc Thanh suitable for many people of different ages and health profiles.

Mai Kao

7. Mai Kảo

Mai Kao is a medium oxidized oolong tea, processed from Moc Thanh plantation’s tea leaves. It is delicate with a light orange color, a bit floral aroma attaching a slight smell of toasted nuts and charcoal. Mai Kao is smooth, elegant, sweet, clean and round in mouth feel, a light body and a vague note of bitter. All come up with a pleasant balance and comfortable sensation for everyone.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: thực vật
Mai Kao loose leaves

8. Cao Khản

Cao Khản is a completely oxidized tea, produced from Moc Thanh plantation’s tea leaves. Cao Khan is a strong black tea with a bright red orange color, thick body, notes of caramel, toasted nuts and a slight charcoal smell. The tea is sweet like (baked) tropical tree fruits with a long finish in the back of the tongue. A light bitter is also noticed with a rounded and clean mouth feel. By meticulousness and care in the profession, the tea producer has created a healthy and delicious tea for consumers and tea lovers. The name “Cao Khản” is the village where Moc Thanh tea plantation locates.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: đồ uống và cốc cà phê
Cao Khan black tea

9. Ginger Signature (Hương gừng)

Ginger Signature (Hương Gừng in Vietnamese) is hand-made of Tà Xùa Shan green tea (a high-mountain Shan tea cultivar). The product inherits the flavors of semi-tropical forest cumulatively kept in the raw tea. Ginger Signature has a fragrant, warm and multidimensional aroma as a compose of cinnamon, cardamom, herbs, floral notes, the smell of wet old wood and jungle soil. The taste is sweet as winter fruits, slightly spicy, bitter and astringent. The body is thick with yellow color. A long finish comes up with an unforgettable wild honey sweetness. The warm and spicy ginger perfume when being scented with Shan tea, does not make loss of the background tea flavor, but they combine to result a blended and sophisticated harmony, then emphasize a wonderfully complex aroma and mouth taste.

Moc Thanh’s Ginger Signature brings a warm feeling like a reunion beside a burning wood in the family kitchen. This high-grade tea is especially suitable for cold days. More interestingly, if Ginger Signature is aged for years, it will transform and develop a multi-layer, complex aroma with several new flavors, deep sweet and honey taste, thick body with full and strong sensation. It will be a valuable present of the forest and Moc Thanh sending to families in traditional holidays.

Không có mô tả ảnh.
Ginger Signature 2018

10. Lam Chiều (golden Osmanthus oolong)

Lam Chiều is made of a special (higher oxidized) Mai Kao tea, scented with golden Osmanthus. The product has a sweet fragrance, bright and clear red orange, thick body and robust taste, sweetness of caramelized sugar and summer fruits, a long finish like honey. Lam Chieu is characterized by a unique complex aroma composing the flavor of Osmanthus flower, caramel, toasted nuts, a little smoke and charcoal which help reminiscing childhood in peaceful rural villages with smoke, fire, kitchens of rice straw proof.

Lam Chieu is aromatic and sweet, hiding meticulousness, desire and emotion of the producer in tea production and scenting process. Lam Chieu is a premium product for all tea lovers, especially for those far from homeland, so country-ship is forever beside.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: món ăn
A step of scenting golden Osmanthus flower with red oolong tea

A guide for tea preparation

We provide basic tips for preparing Moc Thanh teahouse’s products

  • Prepare soft and clean hot water with suitable temperature ­­0C (0F):
Temperature table
  • Rinse the tea set with hot water.
  • Sampling recommendation:
    • Moc Thanh: put 10gr for a teapot or a cup of 1500ml.
    • Other products: put 3-5gr for a teapot or a cup of 140ml.
  • Fill the hot water into the teapot or the cup with steeping time around 5 seconds, then pour out the liquor and enjoy the tea. Regarding Moc Thanh, steeping time should be 3-5 minutes or for whole day use.
  • The infusion can be repeated for 6 times or more (2-3 times for Moc Thanh). A bit longer steeping time offers stronger taste but do not make it too long.

Storage and Expiration

Group A (The Spring, Jasmine tea, Lotus Signature, Pomelo Signature): best taste within one month after uncovering the tea box, store in dry and cool (refrig) condition, avoid direct sun light and other smells.

Group B (Lotus Rice Signature, Moc Thanh, Mai Kảo, Cao Khản, Lam Chiều, Ginger Signature): best taste within 3 months after uncovering the tea box, store in dry and cool (room) condition, avoid direct sun light and other smells.

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