Moc Thanh tea

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Moc Thanh tea is generally categorized as Hoang Tra type which is processed completely by hand from long-lived indigenous tea leaves grown in the Midlands of Cao Khan Forest – Ban Ngoai – Dai tu – Thai Nguyen province.

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Moc Thanh tea is made from full-body old tea leaves, pucked and processed thoroughly to retain maximum nutrients. Moc thanh serves as a medicinal product – contains a lot of healthy substances such as catechin, cafein, amino acid, minerals and vitamins.

Besides, Moc thanh is made from old tea leaves which is taken care of in natural way at Duong anh’s private garden in Dai tu – Thai Nguyen. Especially, Moc Thanh tea has a widespread popularity due to its universality, suitability for people of all ages, for year-round use. Can be served hot or iced and This product does not cause isomnia.

Instructions for use

According to the capacity of the teapot ( brewing instrument), take a sufficient amount of Moc thanh Tea then slighty crumple and pour it all into a teapot or thermos bottle. Brew with boiling water in 3-5 minutes then empty out into a glass/bottle for daily use. There is 50gr tea in a bag and can be used for 7-10 times.

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