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Moc Thanh branch and tip tea

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Moc Thanh branch and tip tea typically categorized as a type of green tea processed meticulously by hand. Long-lived tea leaves, immature tea leaves used are hand-picked from indigenous tea plants grown in Cao Khan forest – Ban Ngoai village- Dai tu district – Thai Nguyen province.

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Moc thanh branch and tip tea is processed from old , immature, barely mature tea leaves and tips through sophisticated steps to retain maximum nutrients. Moc thanh branch and tip tea serves as a medicinal product because of high level of subtances that are good for health such as catechin, cafein, amino acid, minerals and vitamins.

Besides, Moc thanh Branch and tip tea is made from body of tea plants that are taken care of in natural way at Duong Anh’s home garden in Dai tu -Thai nguyen Province. Especially, Moc thanh branch and tip tea is not only a beverage but also can be used as bathing water for baby, prevent inflammation for women after childbirth and gynaecological diseases. Used all year round.

Instructions for use: can be brewed and brought to a boil to serve many purposes.

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