Cao Khan tea


Cao khan tea is generally categorized as a type of black tea, processed from materials that are plucked directly from long-lived tea plants grown in Cao Khan mountainous areas – Dai tu district – Thai Nguyen province.

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we treated raw materials completely and meticulously by hand to create a perfect taste for Cao Khan black tea, a unique aroma of tea from Midlands, with subtly sweetness, yellowish brown tea water, a little bitterness and special mildness of indigenous tea plants. Moreover, we remove sourness by fermentation process, thus we can retain the rustic characteristics without affecting aroma and taste of Duong Anh’s tea.

Especially, raw materials used to make Cao Khan black tea are hand-picked from Duong Anh’s garden. We are taking care of tea plants in natural way and we assure our products have been certified to be chemical-free, preservative-free.

Instructions for use

Instruments: a teapot, a ceramic cup and an extra cup(small one)

prep: Tea, boiling water ( distilled water at 95 C recommended)

Instructions for brewing

  1. heat ceramic cups, the teapot up with boiling water
  2. Take a sufficient amount of tea into the teapot.(1/4 cup)
  3. Pour boiling water into the extra cup to lower the temperature before poured into teapot. 95 C recommended.
  4. Pour it into teapot ( should pour in clockwise direction, around the rim of the teapot to avoid uneveness), steep in 3-5s then empty out into extra cup.
  5. Pour tea from the extra cup into ceramic cup for immediate use. Repeat the above steps for the second, third… infusion.

Contact us for more details

Moc thanh tea: Ms Duong Anh

Phone: 0917 755 113

Email: [email protected]


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